You jump. I jump.
You run away. I run after you.
You cut. I take your blade.
You starve. I make you eat.
You say no one cares. I give you a list of people who care.
You say your ugly. I Make you say "I'm beautiful." all day.
You say you can't recover. I prove to you that you can.

when you try to get out of a bad situation but realized you only made it worse.

"By the time you realised you needed me I had already walked away"

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How most girls feel and still guys don’t realise it

i’m tired of being the one everyone goes to about their girl problems, when i know i could treat them so much better if they just gave me the chance cause i’d kill for a chance with them cause i know how amazing they are

i’m tired of being the one guys wanna hook up with and don’t wanna take the time to get to know

i’m tired of being the only one putting in effort

i’m tired of being the one that gets brushed off cause i’m not one of those perfect girls with the tiny waist and amazing hair and who are little and petite, when i know my personality can light up the room and make them seem so insignificant but nobody wants to take the time to find out.

i’m tired of everyone telling me i’m pretty and i’m an amazing girl and any guy would be blessed to get a chance with me cause i’m one of a kind. yet i’m always the friend. always always always. i don’t want a boyfriend. i’m not looking to settle down. i just want someone to be genuinely interested in me and who will stick around.

i’m always the one people go to for advice and it always works for everyone else. except me. cause i feel like no matter how many people put me on a pedestal, nobody wants me.

i’m pretty, i’m smart, i like sports and i watch espn. i love being active and i have no problem going out for beers to watch the game with the guys. i don’t need you to take me on fancy dates, a picnic at the beach of bologna sandwiches is just fine. i make friends everywhere i go, and i can keep friends forever. once you tell me a secret it never leaves my lips, i don’t put out on the first date. i never judge, i don’t care if you’re rich or poor, or about anything like that. i’m the girl you can bring around your guy friends and fits right in and they all love, i’m the girl you can bring home to your parents, i’m the girl who your siblings will love, i’m great with kids, and everything a guy could ever want.

but nobody wants me for me.

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